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Australian Hospitality Association Expo


Foam letters are an affordable and memorable way to spice up any space. Use them to promote company branding, accentuate an event space, or add a personal touch to celebrations — weddings, parties, expos, or balls.

Potential Uses and Applications:

  • Small personalisations, such as table centrepieces
  • Wall-mounted signs
  • Free-standing indoor signs

Baby Shower Decorations


Custom decorations are quick and easy when done in foam. Create 3D shapes for any theme or style, and finish with coating, painting or glittering for the perfect effect. Add instant impact for events or everyday spaces!

Potential Uses and Applications:

  • Decorate for themed parties or store displays
  • Stylised props for photoshoots, exhibits or set designs
  • Customised wall hangings for interior design

Erin Coates, Thigmotaxis, 2014. Exhibition view, Erin Coates: KINESPHERE, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, 2014. A Catalyst: Katherine Hannay Visual Arts Commission. Photo: Alessandro Bianchetti

Art & Sculptures

Foam could be the perfect canvas for your next work of art. We can cut any shapes you design, and finish it with a high-quality protective coating. Scale is not an issue — we use industrial glue to hold pieces together, so the sky is the limit!

Potential Uses and Applications:

  • Sculptures requiring intricate and complex shaping
  • Creating themed environments for installation art
  • Structural and support systems for other materials

Curtin University Motorsport Team 2014

Technical Applications

Precision cut to an engineer's model to achieve its exact dimension in 2D or 3D. Our range of foam (from flexible, semi-rigid to rigid) is suitable for a wide variety of technical uses, including foundry patterns, aerofoil sections, and various shapes for prototype or short-run batches.

Potential Uses and Applications:

  • Automotive and aerodynamics
  • Surfboard blanks
  • Wind-turbine blades

Top: Pipe Insulation; Bottom: Architectural Trimming

Architecture & Construction

Lower building costs with foam molds that can be cut to any 3D shape — perfect for construction applications. Foam is also useful for architectural accents if sprayed with a protective outdoor coating.

Potential Uses and Applications:

  • Concrete pre-casts, voids and formwork
  • Pipe insulations
  • Crown moldings, columns and sunhoods

About Us

Foam Shapers is a custom foam cutting service based in Western Australia. We welcome projects of all types and sizes and are especially excited by unique and complicated cuts that are beyond the scope of the current machines available.

Our industry expertise comes from close ties with our sister company, Wintech Engineering. Wintech has been designing, building and exporting computer numerical control (CNC) foam cutters for over 25 years. We use a variety of Wintech machines, whichever best suits each individual project. We also have a 6-axis robot cutter with various machining heads for complicated 3D cuts.

Why Use Foam?

  • Any shape, any size
  • Lightweight, easy to move. hang or store
  • Various decorative & protective finishes
  • Affordable alternative to other materials

Why Foam Shapers?

  • A variety of precise foam cutting machines
  • Extensive industry knowledge and expertise
  • Total Service: design, cut, finish & delivery
  • Specialised in bespoke projects

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